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YSK: Most drain cleaning/sewer services scam customers out of hundreds to thousands of dollars. This is a guide for anyone who owns or plans to own a house that will allow you spot the tricks they use, as well as tips to prevent you from needing to use a service at all.

Why YSK: I used to be a drain cleaner. EVERY SINGLE DAY I had people coming to me for a second opinion because they were told they had to replace their sewer line for 5 grand. In the two years I spent drain cleaning, I only came across a whopping FOUR people that actually needed their sewer line replaced and well over a hundred that were told they had to. Here are some of the many tactics these companies use:
-The most common one is that they couldn’t get their blades past a blockage so the line must be broken. If this were true, the blades would come back with either mud on them, or completely clean and shiny. Even then, there are lots of other reasons why they could be shiny so it’s not a definite break in the line.
-They clean the line with small or sometimes even no blades. If it’s the mainline, at least 3 inch blades should be used. Preferably 4 inch though. But some companies don’t do that. So they will poke a hole into the blockage, and everything will run just fine...for a few days. Shortly after, that tiny hole will close again and you’ll call them back out. They’ll try to convince you it’s because the line is broken when it’s not.
-They make you think roots in the mainline are a huge deal and the line must be replaced. Roots are the most common cause of sewer line backups. It’s incredibly common and should be expected if you have a tree near your sewer line. Some people will go ten years before their first root caused backup because it can take time for the roots to get through the pipe. Your sewer line is still in good shape. Just get it snaked every year and use root killer to slow the growth.
-They scope the line and find bellies with sitting water or small offsets. While not ideal, most houses have them and it’s not necessarily a big deal. It’s something to keep an eye on, not waste 5-10 grand on.
Here’s some general tips regarding the trade:
-If the company doesn’t have the prices online, don’t tell them if you’re renting out the house. If you’re a landlord they’ll assume you’ve got extra cash and up charge you.
-If your basement has a floor drain, get a $10 water alarm. If it ever backs up, you’ll know immediately and stop the spread of water before it causes massive amounts of damage. This is particularly important if you don’t go into the basement often. I once went to an elderly lady’s house that had a foot of water in the basement. She was too old to go downstairs and didn’t notice the smell because she was hooked up to an oxygen tank thingy. Decades of memories stored in boxed were destroyed.
-If you have a sewer line scoped, make sure you see them do it yourself. They like to swap footage with another house and act like your line is broken. Also make sure they use at least 3 inch blades on your mainline. Also make sure to get a copy of the footage. You can send it to multiple companies and they’ll usually give you their opinion for free so you don’t need it scoped multiple times!
-Clean out the p-traps to your sinks. I’ve had dozens of people call me to spend five minutes unscrewing their trap, cleaning it out, the putting it back. When I try to tell them that it’s easy to do yourself they say they don’t mess around with anything plumbing related. But seriously, watch a two minute video and do it yourself in 5 minutes and save a hundred bucks.
-DO NOT FLUSH ANYTHING DOWN THE TOILET UNLESS IT CAME OUT OF YOU, OR ITS TOILET PAPER!!!! It doesn’t matter if your wipes say they’re “flushable”. it doesn’t matter if it’s “just a few tampons”. It doesn’t matter if you “didn’t think your kid was dumb enough to flush his cat stuffed animal”. Don’t do it! Just because it gets past the toilet doesn’t mean it gets through the whole line. If you’re flushing wipes or tampons, there’s a good chance your just collecting them and one day you will be met with a very unpleasant surprise. I’ve seen anywhere from a couple tampons clogging the line to filling up HALF OF A FIVE GALLON BUCKET with tampons. The only thing worse than spending 10 hours fishing for tampons is spending a thousand bucks for someone to fish for your tampons.
There’s a lot more to it but I’m doubtful many will even read this. Which is a shame because I saw people getting scammed every single day and it’s easily avoidable. Most people don’t know much of this and these companies know that. And they take advantage of it.
Edit: I forgot to mention, don’t use any draino or anything similar. It’s very acidic. It can melt away pipes overtime and does a very poor job anyways. It usually only pokes holes into things. Save your pipes and clean out the trap yourself by hand, or call someone to do it.
Also, I highly recommend never using a snake yourself for the mainline, or even really a kitchen line. I have no idea how places like Home Depot are allowed to rent them out to just anyone. I know people that were trained to use them and still lost a finger. If you’re not incredibly familiar with it you can go from being just fine to missing a finger in literally a split second. Spend the extra hundred dollars and have a professional do it. It takes a long time to be trained to use it and messing up or not knowing how to use it properly can cost you a finger or two.
Also, if your toilets start to bubble/gargle when you run any water, your line is most likely going to be backing up. You could have a backup in one minute, or in a week. It’s best to have someone out ASAP!
People are asking why you shouldn’t use the snake yourself or how I could cause a lot of damage. This is why. BE WARNED, THIS IS NSFW AND GOREY. And this isn’t even the worst that can happen!
Also, drain cleaners love kitchen sink disposals because it keeps them in business. The more food you put down, the more likely it will get clogged. Especially avoid greasy foods, egg shells, and coffee grounds. If you’d like to avoid a backup, don’t put any food down the sink and use a paper towel to wipe off excess grease on dishes!
As much as I would love to, it has become impossible to keep up with all of these comments! If you have a question, I’d recommend saving this post and then messaging me in a day or two! Thanks for all of the awards! I hope this post can help you save some money and make scammer companies lose some business!
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[Brad Townsend] Only Russell Westbrook would be able to truly confirm this, and I doubt he will, but I'm told that he left a $8,000 tip for the Grand Floridian housekeepers when the Houston Rockets left the NBA bubble. Moreover, I'm told, he left the room virtually spotless.

Full quotes:
"Only Russell Westbrook would be able to truly confirm this, and I doubt he will, but I'm told that he left a $8,000 tip for the Grand Floridian housekeepers when the Houston Rockets left the NBA bubble. Moreover, I'm told, he left the room virtually spotless."
Source - https://twitter.com/townbrad/status/1313545812136407040
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Parenting tip

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Handy Tip for Bandaging a Finger Joint

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Blue Lives Matter supporters arrested with slew of firearms outside Kenosha after police received tip about possible shooting, DOJ says

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AITA for refusing to return a tip AND telling a couple that I dont have time to play mediator?

I'm a 22 year old, female waitress at Texas Roadhouse. This is one of my two jobs to put myself through college. Most days are fine but other days are a living hell.
Yesterday I was assigned a table that had a husband, wife and what appeared to be a teenage daughter (maybe 17). Everything was going smooth at first and the wife ordered a margarita. The husband then tried ordering a beer. The wife instantly lost her noodles and said "Uh, no. He will not have a beer. He will have a water." She then turned to him and said something along the lines of him not needing to drink because he was driving. He said no, the daughter could drive. It was childish.
Anyways, he keeps telling me he wants a beer. She keeps telling me no. In this industry, situations like this are a lose/lose for waitresses. If I get him the beer, wife wont tip. If I dont get him the beer, he wont tip. Damned if I do, damned if I dont. So while they were arguing AT me, I said "Listen, I really dont have time to play mediator here." They went silent. I went and got both of them their alcohol. Daughter gives me an apologetic look upon my return, presumably because her mother was acting bat shit crazy upon seeing me bring a beer in tow.
Flash forward to after their meals. Husband has had 2 beers at this point. Wife has stopped drinking and glares at me everytime I return. Wife and daughter go to the car while husband pays. Husband drops me a $40 tip on a $68 tab. I told him I couldnt accept it. He insisted. Eventually I pocketed it.
Wife comes in an hour or so later demanding that I give her the $40 her husband gave me, stating that I was a terrible host and went against her and I dknt deserve a tip. She got my manager involved who said "She is not obligated to give you her tip. You left the restaurant and the tip has already been processed. Have a nice night." She was fuming, screaming at me about how much of an AH I was for supplying her husband alcohol after she said no. Other guests started chiming in saying that she was being ignorant and that I was doing my job, which is to provide guests with what they want and said that it wasnt MY fault that she was a controlling wife. She storms out.
Given the fact that I was put on the spot like that, I feel insanely guilty. AITA?
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Linus Tech Tips somehow got a Developer Transition Kit, and is planning on tearing it down and benchmarking it

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I will say my biggest tip to enjoy the game and ANY MIHOYO GAMES IN GENERAL. Spending wise and PLAYING SLOW is the BEST...... But why? THIS POST IS GONNA PISS OFF MANY (maybe because it is late), so please BEWARE AND READ THOROUGHLY. (Also sharing my previous experience in Mihoyo as a HI3 Player).

I will say my biggest tip to enjoy the game and ANY MIHOYO GAMES IN GENERAL. Spending wise and PLAYING SLOW is the BEST...... But why? THIS POST IS GONNA PISS OFF MANY (maybe because it is late), so please BEWARE AND READ THOROUGHLY. (Also sharing my previous experience in Mihoyo as a HI3 Player).

How many times have you seen this kind of post? How many videos did you view just to achieve the greatest reroll? How many times did you spend your resins to achieve the highest adventure level in a short period of time? And most importantly,


The hype for the game is strong. And it had a successful launch. But as I observe more of the people here, I find it worrying that most of them are overspending and rushing the game like some sort of Minecraft speedrun or something, ending up with nothing but a boring farmland once you get on AR30+, not even mentioning all the "garbage collecting". Also, the in-game purchases are "bonkers, Cash grabs, moneymaking schemes", all sorts of names.

Little did everyone know that we are still in the early stages of the game, where everything is still experimental.

I'm not defending the game. I'm stating the facts, and scolding you. Spending on a free game to support the developers is great, but spending a whole lot of cash on a system that is still unstable is completely a YOU problem. You can't blame Mihoyo like a Karen wooing that game causes violence to cover up her lack of parenting skills or in this case, causing gambling addiction on you because you spent all of your cash and ending up with nothing in return. That 0.6% chance is no joke. Please spend responsibly. Or just wait till everything is corrected.

Or just wait till everything is corrected.

I know that from this point onwards you will be fuming in anger from what I have just said, But I'll be playing the Dark Knight's role for now because Gotham Impact will surely be in ruins if I didn't do so... well that is also the devs fault as well.
Focus first on the big words just above you. This is GRAVELY IMPORTANT. And will be the core of everything that I will discuss from this point onwards.

For now, here is an official Paimon art. I've been told that reading walls of texts are tedious and boring, and people like pictures of foods and cats and cute things, so I'll have this in there to relax your nerves a bit.


Genshin Impact is free-to-play, and pay to (possibly) have more play. Yes. that is basically it. This is no pay to WIN. Maybe pay to unlock, like some EA DLC, but people are forgetting one thing in a Gacha game.

It's wait-to-win.

Patience is the most important trait you should have in playing even a basic gacha game. A battle to resist grabbing your wallet and squeezing all of what's inside of it, just to have a chance to play a character which is undoubtedly be phased out and be given away as a consolation price a year later because of Powercreeping.
Before that, ladies and gentlemen, here is Honkai Impact 3. the game which led to the success of creating Genshin Impact.

I have been playing Honkai Impact 3 since it started in SEA in November 2017, two accounts, both at max captain level with most of the meta Valkyries (characters) in my roster. So to sum it up, I have been playing for 3 years under MiHoYo banner. If this is not enough to qualify me to your standards, it is best to stop reading beyond this point. Oh who am I kidding, you'll gonna bash either way.
So, what's keeping me from playing Honkai Impact for three years?


Honkai Impact is a BOOK IN A FIGHTING GAME FORMAT. It may have great gameplay, great graphics, and great F2P approaches, but that doesn't lit a match against the story it provides.
And Genshin Impact is having that same approach as well.
How did I come up with that? Well, basically, Genshin is a single-player RPG with limited coop modes for you to access. And that is what MiHoYo is intending to do in the first place. The gameplay, the characters, everything is secondary. Please treat the game as such, and stop panicking just because your friend has a higher AR level than you.

The game is designed to be played for a limited time each day.

and you guys just blitzed through it all. You see, gachas were so bad back then that farming for the in-game currencies to roll them was so tedious and torturing that it made the lives of many people worse. Then guidelines were passed by Gacha Developer's Association* that every game should have their gacha rates displayed, and most importantly, have a feature that LIMITS THE PLAYER'S GAMETIME EACH DAY for them to do other real life issues, like communicating with family, friends, school, and so on. With this, the stamina system was born, or in our case, the Resin.
The resin limit was intended to limit you from getting sucked into this game for 24 hours or more. It's a regulation. A requirement.
*edited and changed the Asian governments to Gacha Developer's Association. Thanks to Tabris2K for the info!

About the 1600 Resin spent per week battle pass objective, that wasn't intended to be completed if you play regularly, and regularly I mean even 1-3 hours each day. In fact, it is not needed at all.
Did you know that you can play this game for 1-2 hours a day and still complete the Battle Pass up to lvl 50? And with so much more leftover xp at that, as long as you complete the 150 dailies. That 1600 resin spent is a first aid only intended for those who came late in the game, and want to catch up, and are ready to pay more money to do it. Don't use a first-aid kit if you aren't even injured in the first place.

MiHoYo is generous in giving rewards/compensations. Especially to new players later on.

They are so generous that there is a big possibility that the Diluc you have rerolled for a couple of times will be given for FREE once they launch another better character in the roster. Sometimes, they even resort to nerfing the character, (Like Herrscher of the Void in Honkai Impact) But hey, this is story mode. And you got the character without any efforts at all. Sucks to be the guy who rerolled 50 times for it, right?
Yep, you heard that right. Even a 5-star Top of the META can be given away here for free, making all of your rerolls nothing but a waste of time later on. What's more hurting is that They do this after a year. To gain more players, you will be given a 5-star character OF YOUR CHOICE and the like. You won't believe it, but it happened in Honkai Impact. Also, you can do it two more times via Land of wishes there. All of these were implemented later on in the game.
Now imagine that being implemented in Genshin in the future. That is three 5-star characters, on a new account a year after the game was released.
Mihoyo is known for inviting new players with interesting rewards, and offer a lot of options for those who are not catching up with the game quickly (of course, for the expense of money). You will feel sorry later on that the Diluc you rerolled a hundred times will be given as a basic kit later on.
Still, this is a good time to create another account. This is how my second Honkai account was born.


You see the primogems coming up on the in-game mail each day? That is for you to test the gacha of the game early on, which you will get fond of it because there are a lot of them gems being given away basically.
Little did you know that the in-game purchases are still experimental. Or perhaps, you already know but d The rates, the fates, everything. Even the way you will angrily complain to them later on are a part of their experiment, being the third toxic and angry gamma tester you will be(Get it? ALpha, Beta Tester, Gamma Tester, Gamma, Hulk?).
They will surely improve the game after receiving enough complaints, and make everyone receive generous compensations for it (even the ones who didn't complain) but will they return your efforts, your time, and your money back? NO. You just paved a way for the upcoming players to play an improved game. Still, thank you for your efforts. and, that's it.

For now the volume 1.0 of Genshin Impact is just finished. Now we wait for volume 1.1.

Don't burn yourselves out. Eat Paimon responsibly. Do not rush or else you'll choke, and do not be afraid to start slow......especially on your first time.

Playing the game of course.
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AITA For reporting a pizza delivery guy after he demanded a tip and was racist/stereotypical towards me?

I’m on mobile and this is my first post, also this just happened so sorry for formatting. Me: Is me DG:Delivery Guy
So I(M14) ordered a free(I fixed this, I did not realize it said few earlier)pizza I earned from dominos, I place the order and pay the $5 delivery fee with my debit card. After about 30-40 minutes the pizza arrives and I open the door. Me: Hi how are you
DG: hi I’m good
He then hands me the pizza and I thank him and wish him a great day and I politely close the door and head inside to give some pizza to my little brother and niece, I then hear knocking at the door. I open it and this is how my conversation goes:
DG: Where’s my tip?
Me: Oh sorry but I don’t have anymore money(completely true) I’m sorry
DG: Come on, you have to have something right?
Me: (Keeping calm) I’m sorry but again, I only had enough to pay for the delivery fee, I’m sorry but I don’t have anymore for a tip.
DG: Your Hispanic right?
Me: Yes, but why does that matte-
DG: Then you should tip, delivery guys love coming to your peoples houses cuz you guys tip so well!
My older brother(m17) then comes out to see what’s going on.
Brother: What’s up? Where’s the pizza?
Me: Its inside but the delivery guy is demanding a tip but I’m trying to explain I don’t have anymore money
Brother: Yo, my guy, we don’t have anymore money, so if you could kindly fuck off.
My brother and the delivery guy started arguing a bit and my brother started cursing him out, but I just said sorry to the delivery guy and closed the door. My brother called the dominos and complained about the guy, then we just ate pizza.
So AITA? Should I have handled this any differently? I feel bad but still a little mad.
Ps. I live in the US, and I couldn’t go pick up the pizza because there was no car to use so I could pick it up.
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TIL that Einstein once gave a note in lieu of a tip to a Japanese courier. The note said, “a quiet and modest life brings more joy than a pursuit of success bound with constant unrest”. It sold in 2017 for $1.56m.

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Please don’t leave fake tips i’m trying to go to college

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Company is enforcing weekly "chat roulette", 5 minutes minimum conversation length, tips included in email "tell them 3 interesting things about yourself", and "talk about your favourite animals", I'm in my 30's, mechanical engineer, kill me

Update: I got a quantity surveyor in the finance department, we small talked about how awful the forced communication was, and interesting facts about fish I learned in the chat - he was apparently going to be a marine biologist before finance... what a life,
Thank you for all of the recommendations, I'll have time next week to try some more out!
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SLPT: Greatest Tip 100

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Any tips for making a meme?

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Gaming tips be like

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[Homemade] Wagyu Tri-Tip with Fries & Truffle Mayo

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Its a tip

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40% of the Amazon Rainforest Is at Tipping Point To Becoming Savanna

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AITA for keeping a ladies food because she didn't tip me previously for "flirting" with her husband?

So I work for a food delivery service, not one of the big well known ones but one that's only in certain areas of my state. The area I mostly get deliveries in is a smallish new town. (Just so you understand why this was even possible)
So a couple weeks ago, I delivered food to this ladies house. The husband was apparently grabbing a package off the porch when I arrived. We ended up chatting a bit, and were joking around with eachother, just enjoying eachothers company for a few minutes.
Shortly after leaving, I got a nasty message about if I expect tips not to be acting like a slut and hitting on other peoples husbands, and she left me a $2 tip (the lowest amount allowed) it really sucked because since this is a small town still being developed, there's not really any food places nearby meaning it took close to an hour of driving to get their food to them.
Anyways, about a week later I got a delivery to the same house. I figured I probably wouldn't be getting a tip again since she could definitely see it was me, and considering the lady even insulted me last time, I said fuck this and kept a few parts of their meal. Figured I'd enjoy lunch on her to make up for the lack of tips and the rude attitude.
Anyways, I was talking to my friends about this and some of them said it did sound like I was hitting on the husband and I shouldn't of done that, and that I shouldn't of kept their food this time because I "kind of deserved" her stiffing me and sending me that message. A few of them defended me but the others thought I was being an AH. So reddit what do you think, aita?
edit to add because for some reason I can't reply anymore and these are common questions
I didnt think what I said/did was really flirting or hitting on him, I casually complimented him and his muscles and said something that was meant to mean his wife was lucky.
I considered the $2 tip not tipping because the app doesn't let you get tipped less than that (in certain situations the minimum required tip is actually higher) also we get paid a certain percentage of the delivery fee plus tips, and the delivery fee isn't very high.
There was no manager for me to report her to because its just a food delivery app. They place the order, we pick it up (and actually order it too) and deliver it.
It tells you the address it's going to after you pick up the food so I couldn't just reject the delivery.
edit 2 because people keeping asking about it
I did playfully touch his arm but just for a second, and the "something that was meant to mean his wife was lucky" was something on the lines of "too bad you're married, id love to have someone like you as my husband!" But IN A JOKING WAY! I WASN'T MEANING IT TO BE FLIRTY! My friends thought that was too much so I didn't want to include it but it keeps getting brought up
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Here's a wierd tip I made

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[Serious] What tip or piece of advice do you constantly see that you strongly disagree with?

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Casually Explained: Tipping - YouTube Sleepy Hallow x Sheff G - Tip Toe (Visualizer) - YouTube Tip Tip Barsa Paani - LYRICAL  Akshay Kumar & Raveena ... Sean Paul & Major Lazer - Tip Pon It - YouTube TIP - YouTube

Design & Manufacturing, Complete Supply Chain Services, Marketing & Distribution, Wholesaling & Retailing Find the latest iShares TIPS Bond ETF (TIP) stock quote, history, news and other vital information to help you with your stock trading and investing. Remember, your tip says more about you than the person you’re leaving it for. Tipping well doesn’t just mean you’re good at tipping—it shows that you’re grateful for the service and have a generous spirit. And if you can’t afford to tip right now, then you can’t afford to get the service. Tip definition: The tip of something long and narrow is the end of it. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples tip 1 (tĭp) n. 1. The end of a pointed or projecting object. 2. A piece or an attachment, such as a cap or ferrule, meant to be fitted to the end of something else: the barbed tip of a harpoon. tr.v. tipped, tip·ping, tips 1. To furnish with a tip. 2. To cover or decorate the tip of: tip strawberries with chocolate. 3. To remove the tip of: tip ...

[index] [812] [3011] [3500] [2216] [6840] [1730] [1181] [7392] [4667] [890]

Casually Explained: Tipping - YouTube

nagiikot kami.. SPECIAL THANKS to WATCHCAB: Kung mahilig ka sa Legit na relo: https://www.facebook.com/WatchCabNew/ PALOME: https://www.facebook.com/congtheg... In this episode, I go around to subscriber's houses, forcing them to watch ads and taking their spare change. Streaming Weekdays 2pm-8pm PST (but not this we... Tip Performed By QQ @qqworld @simeondigreat @21sthapilos @jwonder21 #QQ #Tip #Vevo #Dancehall #VevoOfficial #OfficialMusicVideo Wir sind Ash und Max Abonnieren nicht vergessen 🙃 Ash und Max Postfach 6111 24122 Kiel PAKETE bitte an: Ash und Max Packstation102 881728346 24143 Kiel Für A... Roddy Ricch - Tip Toe (feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie) Stream/Download - https://RoddyRicch.lnk.to/TipToe Stream/Download "Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocia...